2/1/17-A contest

There were two teams. One team had several people and the other only had three, I believe a girl and two boys (or the other way around??). It was a fashion or design contest. I know the smaller team had to stick to  a theme (Glam) that had to show in their daily makeup and fashion choices. The two teams were staying nearby three Korean restaurants/pocha in the States, and each specialized in a different flavor of soju. However it was like an American brand of soju. The first restaurant had Apple-something flavored soju. The other had a red fruit, and the last was a bit more expensive or special in some way. All were very fruity and felt smooth and delicious to drink. I even found some frozen in a jar in a freezer in a basement, with real fruit pieces in it.

The two teams were riding a bus together. The bus became a carriage and I was sitting in the front with the driver. A man pretending to ride a fake buffalo was hiding in the hills we were riding through. I don’t know why it suddenly became Old West style. I knew the buffalo cowboy man would jump out at us any moment and I closed my eyes. He didn’t. But we did almost get sucked into a cave at the bottom of a hill.

The two teams were watching a movie or show together in a large classroom, with chairs and desks arranged in a 3-sided square shape facing the projector. There was some sort of barbecue or chicken and rice dish on plastic plates for us to eat, but it was messy and not very filling. None of us were very happy or comfortable. Plus our clothes kept getting in the sauce.

Weird huh.