3/15/17- Life Update and a strange thanksgiving

I haven’t written anything for a while because I’ve been in the process of moving jobs and also apartments. I have a few dreams saved from that transition time that I’ll upload later, but for now I’ll just write what I remember from last night.

I was in my driveway at home in the USA, and it felt like a family gathering like for a holiday, either Christmas or Thanksgiving. I saw some cousins and people who were cousins in my dream (but celebrities or friends or people from TV in reality). It was raining a little bit, and I moved a cat carrier and another box or something like an animal shelter box under an overhang so they wouldn’t get wet. Then I looked inside the boxes and they were all dusty and had dead spiders and bugs and webs in them, so I moved them back into the rain so it could be washed out a bit. Then I moved them back to dry, so the cats could use them later.

We all got in line in the kitchen at my Grandma’s house to get food. I dropped some spaghetti on the floor, and my sister’s plate too, but I was laughing about it.

I think later there was something like a basement or tube/ladder entrance to a basement and there were rabbits there. I think I even talked to the rabbits. It was very strange. I think they wanted me to do something or go somewhere.