2/22/17- a dreamy city

I was in a dream version of Seoul (where I live), and I walking down the street I remember thinking it was strange how gravity was different on this side of the Earth, since everyone could jump and leap very high, and we had to walk somewhat slowly, like astronauts on the moon. I crossed the street and went into the second floor of a building, where I had my own private room, like a dressing room. I guess this place, you could rent out rooms for whatever purpose. In my room, I had clothes, and a whole wall of accessories, very futuristic and cute and unique. I recall gold bangles with shining bright jeweled strawberries and rubies on them, and black and silver angular bracelets with white rectangular gems. I was thinking, why don’t I keep this stuff at home? Its so beautiful, I should wear it all the time. Perhaps I kept it there for storage, but didn’t go there often? But it seemed like all of my best things were here. I was getting dressed and ready to go out again, hurrying a bit because I heard people in the stairs and hallway (although that shouldn’t have bothered me. Its not like they could have come in.)

Another dream, I was in a small castle that had been converted into a dorm. I was there with my college friends. It was so cool that they let us live inside what had once been a small castle (more like a tower, if I’m honest). But it had huge white stones, an open space on the first floor, a balcony on the second floor overlooking it, even some classrooms inside. There was an old library section I think too. Wide, spiraling staircases, and heavy wooden doors. But, there was a secret or dark history to it. A woman lived or used to live in the basement, and she cursed one of her daughters or something…so the daughter or her things were lost or stuck somewhere like in limbo or between the walls, idk.

Also there was a cafeteria, and I tried to get ramen from a ramen station but I kept forgetting about it and taking a nap instead so I kept losing my bowl.