2/15/17- Alien Parents

It was like a movie-ish dream about a guy named Jack something. When he was younger there was some sort of massacre or accident and all his family and friends were killed. These two aliens in a ship came down, and were searching or came upon him under some rubble, still alive and fighting. They decided to adopt him and raise him. They were short and stocky, hunched looking, rather ugly too. They were a couple, with typical English names to sound normal and innocuous, like Connie and Bill or something. The years passed and the aliens and this man were living as a normal family, in a semi-futuristic, partially post-apocalyptic type dirty world. No one seemed to see the aliens as strange or out of place. Soon, the aliens were discussing the man in private, and it was revealed they were obligated to take him in as a son when they found him alive. Perhaps they were responsible for the massacre, and since he survived their culture made them take him?

Anyway, suddenly, they actually decided to kill him for seemingly no reason, and surprisingly, time looped and we were back at the moment he was found and taken by them. It seems like it was a repeating loop for all involved. Later there was a point that he had a family, and the time came to tell his children that he was raised by aliens, so they had alien grandparents (but in the dream he said aunt and uncle). They didn’t believe him, so he took them to the back to look at a garden of tall plants and flowers. Suddenly, two tall white flowers, like a rose or lily, started swaying, and out came the aliens with the plant attached to their head, perhaps an antenna or something.

I can’t recall if the cycle was ever broken, or if the aliens changed their ways from bad to good, or good to bad. It was rather vague, but I remember in detail the English type names they had, and how stocky and short and U-shaped they were. Almost trollish or goblin-y.

During or after that dream, I saw that there was a group of men or young men, possibly including the man from before, and they were able to influence time and culture by killing certain people. It looked like they were walking through an old west type town, but with open cobblestone streets and fountains and shops. Their goal was to raise the technology level, so they would kill random people and the surrounding people and setting would change each time. So, the people started off with sticks or bows and arrows, so they would kill a couple people and see the weapons and tools turn into swords, repeat, and turn into bayonets and early guns. Metal began to appear on buildings and in structures. Sometimes things would backtrack or devolve so they would kill more people or be more strategic to make it evolve again. There was a point it seemed like the surrounding people had more advanced weapons than the group, but they were able to update their weapons. Luckily they never ended up full-on fighting.


I wish there wasn’t so much killing in this dream, but I suppose I can’t help it.