Yesterday, I slept most of the day, and my dreams were on the creepy/scary side. I was dreaming about a child who saw ghosts or demons. She (I think) drew what she saw on these long banners made of yellow straw or string. There were about 5 banners with these simplistic drawings of black shapes and creatures and symbols. The family was giving an interview to a TV crew like for a show, and they were selling the banners and the girl would draw more.

I also had a dream about living in this ship, with rooms and storage underneath. There were a series of these ships, not floating on water, but on the sand with the front of the ship on the water, as access to the ocean. It was like a resort or community, but one that we had made or appropriated, since it was also somewhat post-apocalyptic. The ships had food and clothes storage so we could survive. There was a parade of sorts that would make the rounds around the island place we were on. It was a group of god-like beings, or perhaps holograms of them. They would circle the island repeating phrases and stories, sort of keeping us in, but looking like they were pleasant and friendly. We could also see similar things in the sky, as part of the clouds or forming from them. Part of the dream, I had to dive into a sunken ship and find things in a storage room with an air bubble in it. I had to carry things from there up to the surface.

In last nights dreams, I was in a big fancy house with lots of rooms, but it felt like no one was currently living there. It was more like storage, but someone was gonna move in soon. There was a long horizontal pool, and some beams above it you could climb and walk on. There was something about some animals like fish or dolphins or otters in the pool. I think my cousin or aunt was gonna move in.

Another dream, somewhere in the future, me and a few others in a room that seemed to be located in a cloud, or somewhere else high and soft and fuzzy. The occupant of the room was out, and we were looking in the room for something, some object. We knew it would be hours before he (or it) came back. There were small trinkets and tiny fanciful objects on these shelves on the right side of the room. I think there was also a trapdoor on the left side of the bed for us to hide in if we needed to.