2/10/17-Sci fi dream

Dream 1: My friend S was at our summer vacation trailer near a lake in Michigan. He slept on the floor after sitting and talking with me and my family and friends all night. He originally didn’t plan to stay over but fell asleep. I remember I had a crush on him in the dream (not reality) so I was happy he stayed. When it was almost dawn I woke him up, I think because my Mom also was getting ready to go to work. He didn’t want to get up and looked at the clock and said it was still night-time, but I corrected him cos he read it wrong. It was actually 19:45 so it was 7 in the morning (I know its technically 7pm at night but my dream self was incorrect and confused). So he got up and walked home down the road a few houses away. I think….there were some dogs in the trailer too and we decided to walk them? I know there was a big dog for sure. I think the trailer became a bigger house, a bit dark inside because it seemed like afternoon or night time. There were some small children down the hallway in a room sleeping or watching TV. I think I went to the kitchen to talk with my Aunt (don’t know which one, maybe not even a real one), but it’s honestly quite vague from here. Just impressions and images and colors.

Dream 2: I can’t recall completely. Here are the notes I wrote down this morning. I will elaborate and record it more completely if I remember later. “In jail waiting but they call our name to go home with the song we got in for, but actually sort of a baseball game.” Yeah… no idea haha

Dream 3: “Space fighting with names running away. Also a shattered thing like very sharp blue metallic glass shards but don’t go into skin because its magnetic” OK, this one, I can vaguely remember. I was in a team or group, like sci fi warriors. We were running and fighting. Protecting royalty? But the woman we were protecting was shot by an energy cannon from behind while she was on her horse. Something exploded and there were shards of thin sharp metallic blue glass stuff everywhere. I was lying on it and trying to get up, being careful of my hands as I pushed myself up. But I looked and the shards didn’t pierce my skin. They were magnetized or polarized to be repelled by skin or something, so they didn’t hurt us.

Dream 4: A peasant man is made into a knight because he forgot his name or said the wrong name, so his Knight name is the name he mistakenly said. Something like “Edward Hand”. So the others marched him down in a parade for the other knights, who were chanting “new blood! new blood!” because now there would be new genetic material in the gene pool for them. I know… hah.

7/28/14- a creepy dream

This one is an entry from my past journal.

I think the beginning was on this huge boat/ship thing. It was so big it was like its own country or state or something. I lived in the lower parts. I was a student. Gray metal walls, very few windows, maybe only for light. We would get candy to eat and talk in the classroom. I got a block of purple chewy squares from a vending machine with friends down in a lower darker smaller area.

One day they took us somewhere and we had to sit in this huge layered circle of chairs, the kind like in rides with straps and metal to hold you in. They lifted up and began to spin, separating us all and putting us all at different levels. We were yelling for each other and looking for our closer friends. I was thinking, “They’re putting us in different areas of the ship, separating us into new communities.” Next I remember being in this room with this creature hanging in the middle. I don’t know why or how but maybe I was challenged to see if I could hit it so I swung around on the hanging chair, caught around it and smacked it on its long hanging tongue. (That’s a lot funnier than it was in the dream itself haha)

“They” were impressed and said how people usually hit the back of the creature, perhaps because its easier or safer. It was long and yellow-green, not moving, and had an open mouth area on the back, which led into the mouth/pouch/tongue-thing I hit.  Anyway they were impressed, so they sent me to this small room where I met the boss of the group they were putting me with. I was put in a dorm with four other people. They slept on small mattresses, but mine was taller and had bigger blankets, like one of those tall blow-up mattresses. I protested why I had it and someone said something scathing about how well I had done. Someone had made a sticky mess next to the bed, where someone had played with small toy cars or trucks. It was the girl(?) to the left of my bed. She didn’t like me. Later in a bigger, more crowded area I was asked why I had some mark or tattoo on my foot/ankle. It was because I had been in that special group I think.

Next I was in an outside area. Was I serving the families who lived and played here? It was like a tall outdoor balcony with attached blow-up water-slides and things for kids to play on. They sloped down almost to the edge, where the water was. I stood at the edge and watched as we passed land. The world was abandoned. We passed empty houses and lawns. No one was supposed to be living on land. We all lived on the boat… except I saw someone at one of the houses. A man stood there and I saw him move. I was shocked. He disappeared but I think security or something had seen him too. Maybe he wanted to be seen?

Then I found out that someone was taking a jet ski out around the ship. There was something about these tool boxes that got delivered. If you ended up with three in the section you were in, it meant you’d get kidnapped or taken off the boat or something. Anywayyy it turns out it was all a conspiracy. There were still people living on land and the boat was huge and drifted with most people of the world on it.

I was at this building. It had flights and flights of stairs going both up and down. I was concerned that children kept disappearing when they went downstairs. One woman had hundreds of kids, and they all went, crowded in a line, down the stairs. She kept one, the last one born. They all seemed monochrome, dull brown in hair, clothes and skin. Then, a friend of mine in the dream was afraid her five daughters would go. The oldest kept fighting with her or another sister. With either her or someone else, we went down together with the right number of children (I don’t know what I mean by the “right” number of children). It was a lab or old fashioned doctor’s office downstairs. Somehow the children were all put together and began to form the beginnings of a body, lying on the ‘growing/building board’ on the ground. But something was wrong, and the body couldn’t finish. The organs wouldn’t stay together, and we could see through the translucent incomplete skin. The mother was worried; she couldn’t let it die. She asked me to go out and bring back what was needed to support the rest of the body. I left, to look for something living and unprocessed that I could bring back. I went to a store (like a souvenir village shop) to search.


The journal entry ends there. I don’t recall if I found anything or simply woke up. As much as this dream sounds like a horror movie, I don’t recall being scared or frightened. Mostly worried or concerned. It wasn’t evil in any way, but certainly creepy.

2/7/17-Fire and Water

  • A pile of clothes and doing a dance or performance like a fire-bird but with the intention to set real flames, so dancing around the pile but in places where you would place real starter flames.
  • Then my sister comes and starts taking clothes away saying “No, why is this here, I use this, and this is mine,” and we scold her saying “you should have put it away with your clothes, not in a pile to be discarded.”
  • We get letters from school from the past, at the end of mine I tell myself to tell my sister that snow gets colder when you stomp on it, and waves make a sound because of something about the pressure.
  • In a store trying to get back to my friends but there is tape put there by the enemies, first regular tape then some sort of line that makes running and moving slow, like the air is thick. It was like a membrane you had to move through. My friends realized I was behind still, and were scared. Down the hallway, a bookshop. I was looking at a game of a book or something that I’d seen before. It was themed on an alternate world with country names like Edwardia or things like that. Similar to things in our world but formed into new words and names. It was a map and strategy game. I was gonna buy it because it was only 11 dollars, but the store was an interdimensional thing like a rest and recharge room during a video game but someone put a bomb in there to sabotage us. One friend ran to go into the safe room down the hall. As the other/main one ran back the counter reached zero and he/she shut the door as the bomb went off, not quite soon enough because he/she was burned partly. Inside the other room, the friend was sitting in the corner scared, so he knocks on the other wall and is slightly surprised to hear a knock in reply from the injured leader. It was a red and gold room.
  • Following a map or game to find the end, like a maze, above a place like a swamp or reeds in water. We reach the end but I don’t realize it. The end point is like paper/laminated/seaweed fish hanging from a line but I can’t see cos its a side-on view from my perspective but my companion saw and realized cos it was a full on view for them. A nice silly moment. This feels like it was maybe in Wisconsin but I can’t be sure.
  • A dream like a video game, with missions and a very dirty gritty atmosphere. Had to dig or go down into earthen tunnels, carved from dirt and stone. A man is there, and killed first in one place, then another place during a re-run. I think there is a place with many doors or openings with pillars, like a roman courtyard. This dream is the blurriest and hardest to recall.

Summary of last week’s dreams

  1. Hanging onto a type of roller coaster or tram ride, not in seats but literally hanging by our hands from handles. Definitely stomach-dropping and dizzying, seeing crowds and buildings far far below.
  2. A girl with amnesia I was trying to help stay away from a group she was in in the past. Like a girl gang haha, they had themed outfits and everything. The leader was called Karissa and the girl I was protecting was named Naphtali (technically a boy’s name, no?). But they noticed her (they were scattered and watching from crowded bleachers and in subway crowds), and slowly cornered us and took her and brought her memories back. It ended or changed before she did anything else though, so I  don’t know if she joined them again or went against them.
  3. Waiting in line for a slide ride at an amusement park. Same place as dream 1. The line went up some steep wooden stairs, and also led onto a wooden fence decorated with empty bottles and wire ornaments. We had to hang onto these decorations at the top of the fence to get to the ride, so we were climbing and holding onto the bottles and fence posts to move down the line. They were surprisingly sturdy, and I believe later the line led to a restaurant (or option to go there). Going down the slide was like a movie themed experience. There were pictures or scenes from a certain movie along the way, so it was like watching the movie as you went. However it was still very short. After ending the ride I was thinking they should make a sequel to that movie finally. I can’t remember what the movie was, it might not even have been a real movie. It had the feeling of an older film, like Jurassic Park, The Sandlot, or Little Rascals.

2/1/17-A contest

There were two teams. One team had several people and the other only had three, I believe a girl and two boys (or the other way around??). It was a fashion or design contest. I know the smaller team had to stick to  a theme (Glam) that had to show in their daily makeup and fashion choices. The two teams were staying nearby three Korean restaurants/pocha in the States, and each specialized in a different flavor of soju. However it was like an American brand of soju. The first restaurant had Apple-something flavored soju. The other had a red fruit, and the last was a bit more expensive or special in some way. All were very fruity and felt smooth and delicious to drink. I even found some frozen in a jar in a freezer in a basement, with real fruit pieces in it.

The two teams were riding a bus together. The bus became a carriage and I was sitting in the front with the driver. A man pretending to ride a fake buffalo was hiding in the hills we were riding through. I don’t know why it suddenly became Old West style. I knew the buffalo cowboy man would jump out at us any moment and I closed my eyes. He didn’t. But we did almost get sucked into a cave at the bottom of a hill.

The two teams were watching a movie or show together in a large classroom, with chairs and desks arranged in a 3-sided square shape facing the projector. There was some sort of barbecue or chicken and rice dish on plastic plates for us to eat, but it was messy and not very filling. None of us were very happy or comfortable. Plus our clothes kept getting in the sauce.

Weird huh.


I’ve kept a dream journal on and off for several years, but I think it’s a good time to start publishing some as a public record for both amusement and musings. Personal details will be omitted or altered, and I may upload past dreams as well. Let’s see where this goes!