Summary of last week’s dreams

  1. Hanging onto a type of roller coaster or tram ride, not in seats but literally hanging by our hands from handles. Definitely stomach-dropping and dizzying, seeing crowds and buildings far far below.
  2. A girl with amnesia I was trying to help stay away from a group she was in in the past. Like a girl gang haha, they had themed outfits and everything. The leader was called Karissa and the girl I was protecting was named Naphtali (technically a boy’s name, no?). But they noticed her (they were scattered and watching from crowded bleachers and in subway crowds), and slowly cornered us and took her and brought her memories back. It ended or changed before she did anything else though, so I ┬ádon’t know if she joined them again or went against them.
  3. Waiting in line for a slide ride at an amusement park. Same place as dream 1. The line went up some steep wooden stairs, and also led onto a wooden fence decorated with empty bottles and wire ornaments. We had to hang onto these decorations at the top of the fence to get to the ride, so we were climbing and holding onto the bottles and fence posts to move down the line. They were surprisingly sturdy, and I believe later the line led to a restaurant (or option to go there). Going down the slide was like a movie themed experience. There were pictures or scenes from a certain movie along the way, so it was like watching the movie as you went. However it was still very short. After ending the ride I was thinking they should make a sequel to that movie finally. I can’t remember what the movie was, it might not even have been a real movie. It had the feeling of an older film, like Jurassic Park, The Sandlot, or Little Rascals.