2/28/17- an interesting journey

It started off as a fashion competition ala Rupaul’s drag race, and everyone had to make 8 outfits but only out of one color. There were several colors to choose from, but each person’s outfits could only be one color, like a theme. There was red, orange, light green, dark blue… I can’t remember any others. I started off with light green but decided I liked the blue better so I went to the fabric bin to get some, but 2 other people were there for the same color. I split the fabric in half with the first person, then the third girl tried to take mine from me, and we were tugging on it. She was saying she was late, and I realized she came late to the competition and didn’t have any fabric at all, so I gave it all to her and apologized and gave her some words of encouragement. I decided to go with light green after all.

It changed to somewhere like a hallway or building. It was like an event or requirement for post-college people to go here and complete this task. I saw people from college and people from high school and elementary school. We all had backpacks and regular clothes on, but we had to go through this checkpoint and the lady there made us give her our packs. I got to eat a fish sandwich (Idk why it was fish…) that was in my bag before I handed it over, and I asked her if we would get water during the event. She said it was a bit hard to get, which made me nervous because I didn’t want to be dehydrated. My friend C went before me and I saw him go through this smallish opening in the other wall. I think there were double doors on the wall next to it but it was for staff maybe. Finally it was my turn and I went to the opening. It was like a wooden slide held together with an elastic material, so it was gentle. I slid down and saw people in exercise clothes, like a mix between gym uniforms and sauna clothes, doing activities and exercising. We were in a large gymnasium made of dark hardwood, and there were things like jungle gyms and exercise¬†mats and obstacle courses for us to use as training. We apparently had to pass a physical test before moving on.

There weren’t that many people there, surprisingly. I asked a tall girl where the clothes were and she pointed out a small room on the side of the gym. I went inside and it was like a changing room/resting room and many more people were in here. I found a row of clothes in different sized against the far wall, past a group of people sitting in lines and chatting. Many were people I recognized. I first tried some medium sized clothes, but they were too tight. I was changing in a small area tucked a little away from the main room by a few stairs. I’m not sure why I was shy, but I suppose I felt nervous. Someone nearby, possibly a childhood classmate, recommended another size and I went to exchange mine. I chose a different size, didn’t fit, finally chose a larger packet with a sweater and sweatpants instead of the tee and shorts. There was a mix of both types among the people. I tried them on and they fit comfortably, even if they were inside out at first. The pants were dark blue and had a design on them, and the sweater/hoodie was grey I think, and had a dragon on the back. Once you chose your clothes, you got a small stamp or implant on your finger, sort of like a pale gemstone color. I had two taken out since I changed clothes twice hah…

I put my clothes in my bag (which somehow I had again) and decided to take out and put away my nose ring too, in case it got in the way. I also noticed I had on glasses, instead of wearing my contacts. I think in my dream logic I thought that when I had to sleep, it was easier and safer to wear glasses then to take care of contacts every night and morning. I had the feeling the glasses had a floral pattern somehow. Maybe the bag was available again for us to put away our clothes and extra belongings before finally officially starting. As I was getting ready, the people sitting and chatting got into lines and were led out. I guess they were ready, and had passed, and were moving onto the next area? I was glad they all left because it was nerve-wracking seeing so many people, and many of them people I recognized. I felt a bit better being able to practice with less people around. There were also different drinks for us, like cocktails but hopefully non-alcoholic. But it changed to a music playlist that we could choose like on an ipod. There was a calm night theme one, and a city theme, and some others. I chose the night time one with relaxing sounds and white noise.

At this point, I was waking up from my alarm, and the dream ended. It was quite interesting and somewhat refreshing, as a dream. I liked the idea of a mission or quest or process to complete with no personal items or things from home. Everything provided for you but completing something on your own. It had the feeling of a task that would help us grow as people. I wish I could have seen more.