2/13/17-spiders :(

There were some little Reese’s peanut butter cups on the ground, and a big palm-sized one too. Of course I wanted to pick them up and eat them, but I noticed the big one had weird bubble-like holes on the bottom. So I nudged it a bit with my foot… then someone came out and had some sort of science kit. Inside it was the same type of big Reese’s cup, but they started talking about how it was an incubator for these burrowing spiders that make little hatch-door nests. They were all inside the cup thing, which wasn’t chocolate after all, but sort of a chalky material. When they broke it open, hundreds of tiny round spiders, resembling ticks, came pouring out and were burrowing tunnels into a clear tube with filling like in an ant farm, so we could see them. I accidentally opened the one on the ground and the spiders started coming out so I stepped on it with my foot to squish as many as I could, hopefully all. Ugh, it was creepy. I felt like they were still alive somewhere.

There was also a dream about this house… it was a large mansion or boarding type house but it was long abandoned and out of use. Very old and dilapidated. I remember I had to find it behind an old factory or large brick building. The house was going to become like a school. There would be a sequence of classes, like Class A to Class Z, and you could move up to the next class after passing one. There may have been ghosts as staff. Something strange like that.

Edit: Later that day, I went shopping and found some mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, like in the dream. It was a strange coincidence because Reese’s, let alone mini cups, have never been sold in Korea before.