2/7/17-Fire and Water

  • A pile of clothes and doing a dance or performance like a fire-bird but with the intention to set real flames, so dancing around the pile but in places where you would place real starter flames.
  • Then my sister comes and starts taking clothes away saying “No, why is this here, I use this, and this is mine,” and we scold her saying “you should have put it away with your clothes, not in a pile to be discarded.”
  • We get letters from school from the past, at the end of mine I tell myself to tell my sister that snow gets colder when you stomp on it, and waves make a sound because of something about the pressure.
  • In a store trying to get back to my friends but there is tape put there by the enemies, first regular tape then some sort of line that makes running and moving slow, like the air is thick. It was like a membrane you had to move through. My friends realized I was behind still, and were scared. Down the hallway, a bookshop. I was looking at a game of a book or something that I’d seen before. It was themed on an alternate world with country names like Edwardia or things like that. Similar to things in our world but formed into new words and names. It was a map and strategy game. I was gonna buy it because it was only 11 dollars, but the store was an interdimensional thing like a rest and recharge room during a video game but someone put a bomb in there to sabotage us. One friend ran to go into the safe room down the hall. As the other/main one ran back the counter reached zero and he/she shut the door as the bomb went off, not quite soon enough because he/she was burned partly. Inside the other room, the friend was sitting in the corner scared, so he knocks on the other wall and is slightly surprised to hear a knock in reply from the injured leader. It was a red and gold room.
  • Following a map or game to find the end, like a maze, above a place like a swamp or reeds in water. We reach the end but I don’t realize it. The end point is like paper/laminated/seaweed fish hanging from a line but I can’t see cos its a side-on view from my perspective but my companion saw and realized cos it was a full on view for them. A nice silly moment. This feels like it was maybe in Wisconsin but I can’t be sure.
  • A dream like a video game, with missions and a very dirty gritty atmosphere. Had to dig or go down into earthen tunnels, carved from dirt and stone. A man is there, and killed first in one place, then another place during a re-run. I think there is a place with many doors or openings with pillars, like a roman courtyard. This dream is the blurriest and hardest to recall.