3/17/17- when youtube invades your dreams

I was in a forest or somewhere, and a guy was loose from jail to put on a concert. He wasn’t allowed to but they put off catching him until the concert was done anyway. It wasn’t a real concert, more like him doing some sort of art or craft and people watched. I found him too, and I noticed my left bicep was hurting. I looked and there was a cyst on my arm opened up and pushing out its contents.

I was also with the guy, and he was holding my hands and just looking at them while we chatted. It was nice and relaxing.


Conclusion: If you watch Dr. Pimple Popper before bed you might dream of cysts.

3/16/17- a competitive job interview

rushing to get ready in formal clothes for interview, she came out anyway

clothes werent in car cos i moved stuff out, had to improvise with clothes in the car

competing with another girl for the job, asked same questions but she went first. lots of her friends there to support her. i had none or maybe one or two. i felt like her answers were better than mine, even tho i was taking notes of things i would say. eventually asked friends to leave, hers were most, and i had one or two, and even they were like oh i dunno i support (me) i guess. easy to see the mental issue in this dream. feeling like i’m not good enough or there’s someone better. the opponent turned into a guy too. it became later and later and we were tired and it was still going one


messy style cos I don’t have time to edit/smooth out yet. will edit later

3/15/17- Life Update and a strange thanksgiving

I haven’t written anything for a while because I’ve been in the process of moving jobs and also apartments. I have a few dreams saved from that transition time that I’ll upload later, but for now I’ll just write what I remember from last night.

I was in my driveway at home in the USA, and it felt like a family gathering like for a holiday, either Christmas or Thanksgiving. I saw some cousins and people who were cousins in my dream (but celebrities or friends or people from TV in reality). It was raining a little bit, and I moved a cat carrier and another box or something like an animal shelter box under an overhang so they wouldn’t get wet. Then I looked inside the boxes and they were all dusty and had dead spiders and bugs and webs in them, so I moved them back into the rain so it could be washed out a bit. Then I moved them back to dry, so the cats could use them later.

We all got in line in the kitchen at my Grandma’s house to get food. I dropped some spaghetti on the floor, and my sister’s plate too, but I was laughing about it.

I think later there was something like a basement or tube/ladder entrance to a basement and there were rabbits there. I think I even talked to the rabbits. It was very strange. I think they wanted me to do something or go somewhere.

2/28/17- an interesting journey

It started off as a fashion competition ala Rupaul’s drag race, and everyone had to make 8 outfits but only out of one color. There were several colors to choose from, but each person’s outfits could only be one color, like a theme. There was red, orange, light green, dark blue… I can’t remember any others. I started off with light green but decided I liked the blue better so I went to the fabric bin to get some, but 2 other people were there for the same color. I split the fabric in half with the first person, then the third girl tried to take mine from me, and we were tugging on it. She was saying she was late, and I realized she came late to the competition and didn’t have any fabric at all, so I gave it all to her and apologized and gave her some words of encouragement. I decided to go with light green after all.

It changed to somewhere like a hallway or building. It was like an event or requirement for post-college people to go here and complete this task. I saw people from college and people from high school and elementary school. We all had backpacks and regular clothes on, but we had to go through this checkpoint and the lady there made us give her our packs. I got to eat a fish sandwich (Idk why it was fish…) that was in my bag before I handed it over, and I asked her if we would get water during the event. She said it was a bit hard to get, which made me nervous because I didn’t want to be dehydrated. My friend C went before me and I saw him go through this smallish opening in the other wall. I think there were double doors on the wall next to it but it was for staff maybe. Finally it was my turn and I went to the opening. It was like a wooden slide held together with an elastic material, so it was gentle. I slid down and saw people in exercise clothes, like a mix between gym uniforms and sauna clothes, doing activities and exercising. We were in a large gymnasium made of dark hardwood, and there were things like jungle gyms and exercise¬†mats and obstacle courses for us to use as training. We apparently had to pass a physical test before moving on.

There weren’t that many people there, surprisingly. I asked a tall girl where the clothes were and she pointed out a small room on the side of the gym. I went inside and it was like a changing room/resting room and many more people were in here. I found a row of clothes in different sized against the far wall, past a group of people sitting in lines and chatting. Many were people I recognized. I first tried some medium sized clothes, but they were too tight. I was changing in a small area tucked a little away from the main room by a few stairs. I’m not sure why I was shy, but I suppose I felt nervous. Someone nearby, possibly a childhood classmate, recommended another size and I went to exchange mine. I chose a different size, didn’t fit, finally chose a larger packet with a sweater and sweatpants instead of the tee and shorts. There was a mix of both types among the people. I tried them on and they fit comfortably, even if they were inside out at first. The pants were dark blue and had a design on them, and the sweater/hoodie was grey I think, and had a dragon on the back. Once you chose your clothes, you got a small stamp or implant on your finger, sort of like a pale gemstone color. I had two taken out since I changed clothes twice hah…

I put my clothes in my bag (which somehow I had again) and decided to take out and put away my nose ring too, in case it got in the way. I also noticed I had on glasses, instead of wearing my contacts. I think in my dream logic I thought that when I had to sleep, it was easier and safer to wear glasses then to take care of contacts every night and morning. I had the feeling the glasses had a floral pattern somehow. Maybe the bag was available again for us to put away our clothes and extra belongings before finally officially starting. As I was getting ready, the people sitting and chatting got into lines and were led out. I guess they were ready, and had passed, and were moving onto the next area? I was glad they all left because it was nerve-wracking seeing so many people, and many of them people I recognized. I felt a bit better being able to practice with less people around. There were also different drinks for us, like cocktails but hopefully non-alcoholic. But it changed to a music playlist that we could choose like on an ipod. There was a calm night theme one, and a city theme, and some others. I chose the night time one with relaxing sounds and white noise.

At this point, I was waking up from my alarm, and the dream ended. It was quite interesting and somewhat refreshing, as a dream. I liked the idea of a mission or quest or process to complete with no personal items or things from home. Everything provided for you but completing something on your own. It had the feeling of a task that would help us grow as people. I wish I could have seen more.

2/22/17- a dreamy city

I was in a dream version of Seoul (where I live), and I walking down the street I remember thinking it was strange how gravity was different on this side of the Earth, since everyone could jump and leap very high, and we had to walk somewhat slowly, like astronauts on the moon. I crossed the street and went into the second floor of a building, where I had my own private room, like a dressing room. I guess this place, you could rent out rooms for whatever purpose. In my room, I had clothes, and a whole wall of accessories, very futuristic and cute and unique. I recall gold bangles with shining bright jeweled strawberries and rubies on them, and black and silver angular bracelets with white rectangular gems. I was thinking, why don’t I keep this stuff at home? Its so beautiful, I should wear it all the time. Perhaps I kept it there for storage, but didn’t go there often? But it seemed like all of my best things were here. I was getting dressed and ready to go out again, hurrying a bit because I heard people in the stairs and hallway (although that shouldn’t have bothered me. Its not like they could have come in.)

Another dream, I was in a small castle that had been converted into a dorm. I was there with my college friends. It was so cool that they let us live inside what had once been a small castle (more like a tower, if I’m honest). But it had huge white stones, an open space on the first floor, a balcony on the second floor overlooking it, even some classrooms inside. There was an old library section I think too. Wide, spiraling staircases, and heavy wooden doors. But, there was a secret or dark history to it. A woman lived or used to live in the basement, and she cursed one of her daughters or something…so the daughter or her things were lost or stuck somewhere like in limbo or between the walls, idk.

Also there was a cafeteria, and I tried to get ramen from a ramen station but I kept forgetting about it and taking a nap instead so I kept losing my bowl.


Yesterday, I slept most of the day, and my dreams were on the creepy/scary side. I was dreaming about a child who saw ghosts or demons. She (I think) drew what she saw on these long banners made of yellow straw or string. There were about 5 banners with these simplistic drawings of black shapes and creatures and symbols. The family was giving an interview to a TV crew like for a show, and they were selling the banners and the girl would draw more.

I also had a dream about living in this ship, with rooms and storage underneath. There were a series of these ships, not floating on water, but on the sand with the front of the ship on the water, as access to the ocean. It was like a resort or community, but one that we had made or appropriated, since it was also somewhat post-apocalyptic. The ships had food and clothes storage so we could survive. There was a parade of sorts that would make the rounds around the island place we were on. It was a group of god-like beings, or perhaps holograms of them. They would circle the island repeating phrases and stories, sort of keeping us in, but looking like they were pleasant and friendly. We could also see similar things in the sky, as part of the clouds or forming from them. Part of the dream, I had to dive into a sunken ship and find things in a storage room with an air bubble in it. I had to carry things from there up to the surface.

In last nights dreams, I was in a big fancy house with lots of rooms, but it felt like no one was currently living there. It was more like storage, but someone was gonna move in soon. There was a long horizontal pool, and some beams above it you could climb and walk on. There was something about some animals like fish or dolphins or otters in the pool. I think my cousin or aunt was gonna move in.

Another dream, somewhere in the future, me and a few others in a room that seemed to be located in a cloud, or somewhere else high and soft and fuzzy. The occupant of the room was out, and we were looking in the room for something, some object. We knew it would be hours before he (or it) came back. There were small trinkets and tiny fanciful objects on these shelves on the right side of the room. I think there was also a trapdoor on the left side of the bed for us to hide in if we needed to.

2/15/17- Alien Parents

It was like a movie-ish dream about a guy named Jack something. When he was younger there was some sort of massacre or accident and all his family and friends were killed. These two aliens in a ship came down, and were searching or came upon him under some rubble, still alive and fighting. They decided to adopt him and raise him. They were short and stocky, hunched looking, rather ugly too. They were a couple, with typical English names to sound normal and innocuous, like Connie and Bill or something. The years passed and the aliens and this man were living as a normal family, in a semi-futuristic, partially post-apocalyptic type dirty world. No one seemed to see the aliens as strange or out of place. Soon, the aliens were discussing the man in private, and it was revealed they were obligated to take him in as a son when they found him alive. Perhaps they were responsible for the massacre, and since he survived their culture made them take him?

Anyway, suddenly, they actually decided to kill him for seemingly no reason, and surprisingly, time looped and we were back at the moment he was found and taken by them. It seems like it was a repeating loop for all involved. Later there was a point that he had a family, and the time came to tell his children that he was raised by aliens, so they had alien grandparents (but in the dream he said aunt and uncle). They didn’t believe him, so he took them to the back to look at a garden of tall plants and flowers. Suddenly, two tall white flowers, like a rose or lily, started swaying, and out came the aliens with the plant attached to their head, perhaps an antenna or something.

I can’t recall if the cycle was ever broken, or if the aliens changed their ways from bad to good, or good to bad. It was rather vague, but I remember in detail the English type names they had, and how stocky and short and U-shaped they were. Almost trollish or goblin-y.

During or after that dream, I saw that there was a group of men or young men, possibly including the man from before, and they were able to influence time and culture by killing certain people. It looked like they were walking through an old west type town, but with open cobblestone streets and fountains and shops. Their goal was to raise the technology level, so they would kill random people and the surrounding people and setting would change each time. So, the people started off with sticks or bows and arrows, so they would kill a couple people and see the weapons and tools turn into swords, repeat, and turn into bayonets and early guns. Metal began to appear on buildings and in structures. Sometimes things would backtrack or devolve so they would kill more people or be more strategic to make it evolve again. There was a point it seemed like the surrounding people had more advanced weapons than the group, but they were able to update their weapons. Luckily they never ended up full-on fighting.


I wish there wasn’t so much killing in this dream, but I suppose I can’t help it.