3/16/17- a competitive job interview

rushing to get ready in formal clothes for interview, she came out anyway

clothes werent in car cos i moved stuff out, had to improvise with clothes in the car

competing with another girl for the job, asked same questions but she went first. lots of her friends there to support her. i had none or maybe one or two. i felt like her answers were better than mine, even tho i was taking notes of things i would say. eventually asked friends to leave, hers were most, and i had one or two, and even they were like oh i dunno i support (me) i guess. easy to see the mental issue in this dream. feeling like i’m not good enough or there’s someone better. the opponent turned into a guy too. it became later and later and we were tired and it was still going one


messy style cos I don’t have time to edit/smooth out yet. will edit later


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